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Amanda when she was 6 years old
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My name is Amanda (she/her), and I am a clinical counsellor, who has found herself in many different roles over the years, all with the desire of creating places of belonging and safety for all people in this world.

It’s helpful to get a feel for what a therapist is like before you decide to meet with them. So, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am the second youngest of 6 kids, and grew up on the West Coast of BC, which I still call home. Whenever it’s not raining you can find me on a beach having a fire, or sitting up high somewhere admiring a good view. I feel most alive with the sun on my face, surrounded by my people. I love being outdoors, and especially love swimming in any body of water I can find. I’d argue that one of the best feelings in the world is a midday nap, outside, with the sun coating my body. I thrive on good coffee (probably too much coffee), and my nalgene full of lemon water. I enjoy laughing until my abs hurt, and will shamelessly claim that I think my jokes are the funniest. I identify as an HSP (highly sensitive person) who is neurodivergent, and although those labels come with significant challenges, I think they also give me superpowers.

Life has brought me to many places. As I have journeyed, I have seen time and time again that we as beings have the ability to heal. And, when we heal, there is greater opportunity for those around us to heal as well. We thrive in the places where we are loved, supported, and safe to show up just as we are. I don’t have it all together, and will never pretend that I do. Instead, I boldly and proudly show up as I am, with all of myself, drawing from both the lived experience of myself and others. Throughout my journey through life, I have accumulated many different labels to describe my physical and mental health struggles. Although those labels and diagnoses don’t define me, they tell a story worth telling. A story of growth, and hope in the places I did not see possible. I feel a deep desire to create spaces where people have access to the same healing and support that I have accessed and still access in my life. I would love to be the person that sees you and affirms you in your pursuit of growth and healing. You are worth holding space for, and your journey holds the same value that mine does. I feel most embodied when I get to show up fully as I am, and sit with others fully as they are. My goal is to show up authentically with you, and I hope that by letting you see me as I am, you will feel safe to show up fully as you are.

This journey may be your own, but I want to join you in that journey.